Progressive States Action Testimony for Hawaii's HB 343 (Same Day Registration)

PSA submitted testimony in February 2011 for HI HB 343, a bill that would allow same day voter registration.  Our testimony highlights the success of the reform in other states as well as offers the perspectives of legislators in other states regarding the value of SDR.

Election Day Voter Registration in Hawaii

This report, commissioned by Demos, finds that turnout among certain demographics in Hawaii could increase as much as 9.9% if the state implements Election Day registration.

More Affordable (and Clean!) Energy for Hawaiians, All While Supporting Small Businesses

Last week, the state of Hawaii approved its first roll-out of Feed-in Tariffs (FIT), a reward program that allows homes and businesses to get paid for building renewable energy systems such as rooftop solar panels and feeding that energy into the electric grid. To implement the plan, companies that install and maintain a renewable source device receive a Power Purchase Agreement from a utility, while the state government regulates the electricity tariff rate. The Hawaii FIT program roll-out will take place on all of the state's grids within six weeks. Hawaii joins Vermont, Washington, California, and Oregon in introducing statewide feed-in-tariffs.

All-Mail Voting Is One Winner of Colorado's Primary

As pundits attempt to digest what Colorado's primary on Tuesday night means for incumbents and insurgents alike, there is one thing everyone can agree on: voting by mail saved counties much-needed money while boosting turnout.

HI: Governor Vetoes Same-Sex Unions

Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed legislation Tuesday that would have permitted same-sex civil unions, ending weeks of speculation on how she would act on the bill, which the Legislature approved in April.

HI: Hawaii cigarette tax hikes pack price by 40 cents

Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

New cigarette taxes hitting Hawaii smokers Thursday make each pack cost 40 cents more, reaching an average of nearly $8.

All-Mail Voting Increases Turnout and Saves Money in Hawaii Special Election

Results from Hawaii's recent all-mail special election for Congress are in--and the clear winner was the mail voting system that dramatically increased turnout and saved the state sorely needed money. 

Private Prison Firm Exploiting Broken Immigration System

Who benefits from hyping criminal enforcement as the solution to the immigration issue? 

As a Service and Employees International Union (SEIU) campaign highlights, one key player profiting off the nation's broken immigration system is the private prison firm, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).  CCA operates and profits significantly from private prisons across the country, many of which house immigrants in detention, a kind of legal limbo in which immigrants are imprisoned while their cases are being considered, or who are in the process of being deported.

2010 Legislative Session Roundup: Hawaii

Like the rest of the nation, the Hawaiian legislature made needed reforms in order to balance the state’s $1.2 billion budget deficit.  The Democrat-led legislature used innovative ways to deal with the crisis - such as raising the taxes on petroleum products, a measure that lessens Hawaii’s dependence on foreign oil and reinvests in renewable energy sources, and voting to reroute sitting monies from the Hurricane Relief Fund terminate teacher furloughs and ensure that students remain more days in the classrooms. Notably, the legislature had to override 11 out of 14 vetoes by their Governor.