In Polls And At Polls, Voters Favoring Revenue Solutions


Several elected officials across the states have approached budget shortfalls with extremely short-sighted and economically damaging proposals, including lavish tax breaks for corporations, slashing unemployment benefits, heinous cuts to programs that primarily benefit middle class and working families, eliminating earned income tax credit (EITC) programs, and privatizing services and institutions across the board, such as mental health services, prisons, and infrastructure. These types of policies will only serve to worsen fiscal pressures, exacerbate the economic pain of the middle class, increase inequality, and heighten the current regressivity of state tax structures, which, on average, place a heavier burden on low and middle-income earners than the rich. This is demonstrative of a disturbing and pervasive recent trend: tax breaks for the affluent and corporations, and austerity for the rest.


Cuomo's Budget: Following the Lead of Failed Right-Wing Ideology

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been hailed by some as a bold leader, but the priorities expressed in his first budget, approved this week by the legislature, indicate that he is following the right-wing's slash-and-burn policies and adhering to economically flawed and discounted ideology.

Economic Security Across the Border: Illinois Chooses a Better Path

State legislators from Wisconsinand Indianawho have recently sought out-of-state refuge to block votes on major anti-labor bills have all made their way to one neighboring state: Illinois.

Illinois Enacts Tax Reform, A Step In The Right Direction

This past week, Illinois lawmakers approved legislation to raise the state corporate and personal income tax. In explaining the need for the effort, Gov. Pat Quinn explained that the state's "fiscal house was burning." Indeed, faced with a revenue shortfall of $15 billion, legislators garnered the political will to enact sensible means to generate sorely-needed revenue.

IL: Quinn extends tax credit for affordable housing

The Daily Herald:

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has extended the state tax credit for private investors who develop affordable housing.


IL: Record number of Illinois families on food stamps

The Chicago Tribune:

More Illinois families are receiving food stamps than ever before as a result of the deepest recession in decades, state officials said Monday.

IL: Local agencies mostly prepared for cuts


Eligibility has been tightened for a program that helps older adults remain safe at home by providing in-home assistance.