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Stateline: After Years of Defeats, Immigrants Win Big State Victories in 2013

The pro-immigrant surge has been a “radical departure” from recent trends, said Alvin Melathe, an immigration expert for the Progressive States Network, which favors immigrant rights.

Congress Acts to Help Frequent Fliers, Leaves States in Lurch

Late this week, the U.S. Senate approved legislation by unanimous consent that would give the Federal Aviation Administration the ability to end furloughs of air traffic controllers, hoping to end a week of delays at airports across the nation that resulted from the automatic budget cuts in sequestration. These kinds of impacts were the intentional purpose of the blunt and painful automatic cuts of sequestration, which were originally intended to be so frightening that the possibility of their enactment would force an alternative federal budget compromise. Yet while business travellers might be breathing a sigh of relief as they fly home this weekend, the intentionally painful cuts to other critical programs are still being felt by states, kids, students, seniors, and other victims of sequestration -- and the pain they are feeling may soon get worse:

Research Roundup 4/20: Eliminating State Income Taxes, Skyrocketing CEO Pay, Immigration and Labor Rights, and More

In this week’s Research Roundup: Reports and resources from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, AFL-CIO, National Employment Law Project, Demos, Institute for Women's Policy Research, and Texas Legislative Study Group.

Danbury News-Times: CT rallies press for immigration reform

Around the country, 16 states, many with largest percentage of undocumented residents, have introduced or plan to introduce resolutions in support of immigration reform. Nevada, New Jersey and New Mexico have resolutions that passed at least one chamber and other states that have introduced resolutions are Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas, according to the non-partisan, nonprofit Progressive States Network.

America's Voice Blog: State Legislators in 16 States Announce Resolutions in Support of Immigration Reform

Progressive States Network, a leading national group of pro-immigrant state legislators, announced that state lawmakers from 16 different states have either introduced or plan to introduce resolutions in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

Three Years After SB1070, A Dramatic Shift on Immigration in the States

Three years ago this month, Arizona's SB1070 was enacted, setting off a wave of copycat anti-immigrant state bills despite the increasingly dubious constitutionality of such laws and an increasing consensus about their destructive economic consequences for states that adopted them.

State Legislators Announce Resolutions in 16 States in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Three years after Arizona passed the anti-immigrant SB1070, and as Congress is set to take on immigration reform, a growing number of resolutions being introduced in state legislatures is providing further evidence of just how far the debate on immigration in the states has shifted from just a few years ago. Today, a leading national group of pro-immigrant state legislators announced that state lawmakers from a total of 16 states have either introduced or plan to introduce resolutions or memorials to Congress in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

State Gun Laws: Why They Matter

This week, President Obama traveled to Colorado to continue to press Congress to pass legislation on gun violence prevention. Next week, he is set to travel to Connecticut to do the same. Both are states that have witnessed horrific mass shootings over the past year, and both have since seen their legislatures act to pass bipartisan gun violence prevention bills. Connecticut's new law, passed and signed into law this week, strengthens a ban on assault weapons, limits magazine sizes, and creates the nation's first statewide dangerous weapon offender registry. Maryland also saw strong gun legislation pass their legislature this week, likely to be signed into law next week. All of this movement comes the same week that a new report was released showing that state gun laws likely do have a significant impact on levels of gun violence.

Map of the Week: Upward Mobility, State-by-State

Map: Relative Upward Mobility, State-by-State

Of the 15 states whose residents have less upward mobility than the national average, 14 are so-called "right-to-work" states

Chart of the Week: Deep Cuts to Higher Education

A chart from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities showing the drastic cuts to higher education over the past five years, state-by-state.