Maryland E-Health System to Combat Swine Flu Outbreak

The August heat may be as intense as ever, but government and health officials across the country are preparing for the coming flu season and the possibility that the H1N1 (swine) flu virus could affect half the US population, according to a presidential health panel.  In Maryland, state government, public health officials and the state's 46 hospitals have created a statewide computerized system for tracking the disease, which will help government and health officials mobilize a quick response in the event of an outbreak.

2009 Maryland Legislative Roundup

Like many states Maryland's largest issue this session was the budget. However, a number of important issues were debated during the 90-day session, including a controversial bill to prevent undocumented residents from obtaining driver's licenses, an attempt to repeal the state's death penalty, and a bill to crack down on worker misclassification.        

Protecting Workers Rights by Stopping Misclassification as Independent Contractors in Maryland

Earlier this month, the Maryland legislature joined a number of states in cracking down on worker misclassification by enacting the Maryland Workplace Fraud Act (S 909 / H 819 ) which has the support of Gov. O'Malley who is expected to sign the bill shortly.  The main focus of the bill was stopping the misclassification of workers as "independent contractors" used by employers to deny them a minimum wage, overtime and key workplace benefits.