MA: Romney Vetoes Employer Assessment

Looks like it's a bad idea to play "Let's Make a Deal" with Mitt Romney.

The Mass Health Care Mess?

American Prospect co-editor Robert Kuttner turns his discerning eye toward Massachusetts' recent health care (pyrrhic?) victory.

The Massachusetts Health Care Model: Expanded Coverage with a Heavy Burden on Working Families

Every Massachusetts resident will be required to have health insurance by July 2007 -- with a combination of governments subsidies, employer assessments and individual fines used to achieve that result under legislation which was approved by the Massachusetts House and Senate on Tuesday.

MA: Health Care Bill Advances

As Nathan noted yesterday, the Massachusetts Legislature is moving forward with one of the more expansive health care reform packages in the country.

Rethinking the Ways We Vote

The 2000 election sparked an interest in electoral reform. Paired with a rising tendency among voters toward self-declared independence from the two major parties and a new wave of reforms have started growing in popularity across the country. In statehouses and in voting booths, reforms are moving forward to give Americans more real options at the polls.

Plan B: How State Laws Changed WalMart's National Policies

After Massachusetts last month ordered Wal-Mart to stock the "Plan B" emergency contraception pill, Wal-Mart this past Friday announced that, effective March 20, all Wal-Mart pharmacies nationwide will carry emergency contraception, reversing the companies previous policy-- part of a trend of Wal-Mart changing its national policies in response to state laws.

MA: Board Orders Wal-Mart to Stock Emergency Contraception

A significant victory in Massachusetts today, where the Associated Press is reporting that a state law requiring pharmacies to stock medicines frequently soughty is being used by the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy to require Wal-Mart to stock emergency contraception. The decision was spurred by a lawsuit brought by three women against Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago.