Anti-immigrant Proposals Continue to Fail in Wake of Arizona’s Law

As this Dispatch will detail, after considerable media hype about Arizona-style bills sweeping across the nation, the reality is that from from Nevada to Arkansas to Massachusetts to Kansas and Rhode Island, anti-immigrant bills and ballot initiatives largely didn't move or failed to make this fall's ballot.  A key reason:  most state leaders and police chiefs recognize that requiring local governments to assume immigration enforcement responsibilities from the federal government will distract them from fighting violent crime and undermine trust with local residents that are essential to successful community policing.

National Popular Vote Victory in Massachusetts

National Popular Vote Victory in Massachusetts Adds Momentum to Changing Presidential Vote System

Last week, the Massachusetts Senate passed National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation by a 28-10 vote, a little more than a month after the state’s House of Representatives approved NPV by an overwhelmingly bipartisan majority.

MA: Winner-take-all bill is OK'd by state Senate

The MA state Senate approves a bill that would give all 12 of the state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote.

Anti-Immigrant Amendments Fail in Massachusetts State Legislature

Yet another set of anti-immigrant proposals, this time offered as last-minute amendments to a Massachusetts state budget bill, failed to gain traction last week.  Twenty-seven pages of draconian anti-immigrant amendments were reduced to text that simply re-states existing bars on undocumented residents applying for public benefits.

National Popular Vote Approved in Chambers in New York and Massachusetts

On June 7, the New York Senate passed S2286A, the National Popular Vote (NPV) bill, with over two-thirds of both political parties supporting the bill in a 52-7 roll call.  Although it has received bipartisan support ever since it was first introduced in 2006, the overwhelmingly bipartisan support it received during Monday's vote was unprecedented.  Twenty-two of the Chamber's 30 Republicans voted for the bill, not far off from the 79% overall support in New York for a national popular vote for President.  

Budget Transparency Advances Across Country

Last week, the Massachusetts House unanimously passed the Revenues and Expenditures Transparency Act, H 2972, to create a searchable, online database that details state spending and revenue sources.  Lawmakers also approved an amendment to create greater taxpayer accountability by providing increased transparency around some business tax credits.  As House Chairman of the Joint Committee on Revenue Rep. Jay Kauffman explains, "[p]ublic access to the way we raise and spend money is essential, enabling us to make more-informed decisions for the tax-paying constituents who elect us to serve on their behalf."