Rightwing Fraud Derails Tax Revolt

The libertarian movement backed by a super-wealthy New York developer is proving why it hates the government so much: they appear constitutionally unable to follow the law. Howard Rich and his cronies have been behind efforts to clone Colorado's disastrous TABOR spending cap measure, various knock-off proposals based on Oregon's anti-land use planning law Measure 37, and various assaults on the judicial system.

MT: Three Rightwing Initiatives Knocked Off Ballot for Fraud

A Montana judge has ruled that the signature gathering process for three rightwing ballot initiatives "was permeated by fraud and procedural non-compliance" resulting in all three measures being struck from the Montana ballot. The initiatives in question were a spending cap similar to Colorado's failed TABOR initiative, a land use planning initiative based on Oregon's disastrous Measure 37, and measure to allow recall of judges without cause.

Op-Ed Responds to Misleading Ads; Berman Pledges to Expand Buy

In response to misleading ads from the Center for Union Facts, Progressive States co-chair Sen. Steve Doherty (Ret.) and Rep.

A Convenient Truth: States Can Seize the Lead on Global Warming

In the groundbreaking film An Inconvenient Truth, Vice President Al Gore makes an impressive case that it is now essential that the world act to prevent the potentially catastrophic implications of global warming. The film could not come at a more critical time. While the planet warms, Washington dawdles. The nation's political elite remains mired in a debate manipulated by powerful energy interests.

Op-Ed: Beware of big-buck Easterners testing their theories on us

Published August 28, 2006 in the Great Falls Tribune by Sen. Steve Doherty (Ret.) and Rep. Dave McAlpin Beware the traveling salesman peddling political snakeoil. Montana is overrun with such characters these days -- national organizations dumping money in to our state to influence public opinion and advance their hidden agendas. The most recent and nefarious example in this cycle is the Center for Union Facts, the organization running the vicious ads attacking public employees on our airwaves.

Update on Regulatory Takings Initiatives

As we detailed a few weeks ago, rightwing developers are using the cover of "fixing" eminent domain to push radical anti-environment initiatives on ballots across the country. Opponents ranging from outdoor sports organizations to labor unions have been mobilizing in response.

Multi-state Advertising Campaign Targets Public Employees

For public employees in four states, this may have been a rough week. As if balancing typical duties of work and family is not enough, a front group for anonymous business interests this week began running ads in Michigan, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon accusing public employees of being lazy and overcompensated. The campaign is connected to the well-orchestrated rightwing attempt to impose TABOR-style spending limits in numerous states through ballot measures this fall.

MT: Attorney General Goes to Bat for Hard Working State Employees

Yesterday, we told you about lobbyist Rick Berman's operation Center for Union Facts (a misleading name, to say the least) putting television ads on the air in four states attacking public employees. Fortunately, not everyone is taking the attacks without responding in kind. In Montana, Attorney General Mike McGrath has come to the defense of the workers he

Montana AG Defends State Workers in Wake of Anti-Union Ads

Originally Published August 22, 2006 Associated Press by Susan Gallagher HELENA, Mont. - Montana's attorney general defended state employees Tuesday in the wake of an anti-union advertising campaign, and a pro-union group challenged claims that the ads are unrelated to upcoming ballot measures in several states. The advertising insults state employees and demeans their work, said Attorney General Mike McGrath, who heads the Montana Department of Justice.

Progressive States Leaders Denounce Misleading Anti-Public Union Campaign

Orwellian Named "Center for Union Facts" Trying to Fool the Public Missoula, MT - Former state senator Steve Doherty and author David Sirota, the Montana-based co-chairs of the Progressive States Network, today accused the inaccurately named "Center for Union Facts," of spreading lies in Montana.