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Fremont, NE Considers Steep Property Tax Hike to Defend its Anti-Immigrant Law

Outlining just how costly it is for states and municipalities to be anti-immigrant, the City Council of Fremont, Nebraska is weighing a hefty 18% property tax hike to bankroll defending its controversial anti-immigrant local ordinance in court. The law was set to go into effect on July 31, but had been put on hold pending a lawsuit in federal court.

New State Laws Limit Reproductive Rights

Recent laws in Nebraska and Oklahoma highlight how a number of right-wing state leaders are attacking women's reproductive freedom.  These bills range from replacing the viability standard established by the U.S. Supreme Court, to forcing women to watch an ultrasound as their doctors explain the status of the fetus, to precluding women from suing their doctors if the latter misinforms women of the well-being of their fetuses.

2010 Legislative Session Roundup: Nebraska

Ending its session on April 14, the Nebraska legislature made great gains in the areas of renewable energy production, job creation and education; however, it will now be notoriously known as the state to implement the most restrictions on reproductive health.