New Hampshire

Shutting the Courtroom Door: How the Corporate Right Mobilized in the States

When an impeccably pro-business outfit like Business Week declares victory for the business lobby in shutting the courtroom door to victims of corporate negligence, you know injured consumers and workers have been losing badly. But this week's cover story, How Business Trounced The Trial Lawyers, illustrates how the corporate right leveraged campaign contributions in the last decade to hijack state policy on civil justice.

A Convenient Truth: States Can Seize the Lead on Global Warming

In the groundbreaking film An Inconvenient Truth, Vice President Al Gore makes an impressive case that it is now essential that the world act to prevent the potentially catastrophic implications of global warming. The film could not come at a more critical time. While the planet warms, Washington dawdles. The nation's political elite remains mired in a debate manipulated by powerful energy interests.

Clean Elections: Good Politics

We already knew that clean elections were good policy. In fact, we brought together over 100 policymakers and activists in New Hampshire to spread the word on clean elections (see the resulting Resource Sheet). Now, new polling data shows that clean elections are also good politics. Polling undertaken for Public Campaign Action Fund and Common Cause shows that Americans overwhelmingly (74%) support public financing.

04/06/06 Partners Announce "Cleaning Up Our Statehouses" Conference

Partners Announce "Cleaning Up Our Statehouses" Conference New Hampshire Meeting Focuses on "Legislative Reform Strategies"
Helena, MT — In the face of stepped up national interest in how to address the problem of corruption in government, a coalition of national and local organizations are co-hosting a conference in Concord, NH on May 12th to identify solutions and policies that can help restore trust in America’s public institutions. “Americans more than ever need to know their elected officials work for them.

The Fight for Fair Coverage

Following Maryland's adoption of a Fair Share Health Care Act requiring that large employers adequately fund employee health care or help shoulder the burden of Medicaid costs, similar efforts are afoot across the nation and Wal-Mart, one of the primary targets of the legislation, is moving into full-court press mode attempting to find ways to convince the public that it isn't shirking its responsibilities to its employees.