New Jersey

NJ: Legislators Consider Copying Mass's Health Care Move

Does it take two to tangle? Two New Jersey legislators are embarking on a six-month project to evaluate whether New Jersey can copy Massachusetts' recently adopted plan.

NJ: Fear the Anonymous Blog

Apparently we anonymous bloggers scare some legislators. New Jersey Assemblyman Peter J. Biondi (R-Somerville) is scared of defamation by anonymous folks posting on blogger and thinks it high time that anonymous blogging be banned. He even has a bill, A1327, that would require operators of websites to keep a list of legal names and addresses of anyone who has the temerity to write something on the website. I wonder what's next?

Smart Growth to Protect Rural America

After winning the Governor's seat in New Jersey, Jon Corzine decided to keep a Republican in the position of Agriculture Secretary. It was a good move. Charlie Kuperus has held the position in 2002 and has won broad support from both parties for his support of a number of measures in support of rural New Jersey.

NJ: State Suing Over Port Transfer

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has announced plans to sue the federal government over the transfer of six ports in New Jersey and elsewhere to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates. The lawsuit comes on the heels of claims by the Administration that neither President Bush nor Defense Secretary Rumsfeld claimed to be briefed on the move before it was m