New Jersey

NJ: N.J. Assembly, Senate budget committees schedule hearings on job creation bills

The Star Ledger:

The state Senate and Assembly budget committees will each meet five times over the next two weeks for hearings on a package of bills meant to spur job creation.


Christie Administration Pursuing Fiscal and Economic Irresponsibility at All Costs

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has pursued countless cuts to essential programs, waged an ideological war on state employees and teachers, pushed tax cuts for the rich over the middle class, and advocated for costly and fiscally unsustainable privatization schemes. Even in light of overwhelming public opposition to privatization and the significant pitfalls associated with these types of schemes, the Governor established a privatization task force by executive order earlier this year.

New Jersey Governor Cancels Nation’s Largest Job Creation, Economic Recovery Project

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made national headlines last week by announcing that he is canceling the nation’s largest public works project – and sacrificing nearly 50,000 jobs in the process.  The Access to the Region’s Core (ARC) tunnel project would double the existing rail-commuting capacity from New Jersey to New York City with a nine-mile tunnel under the Hudson River to midtown Manhattan.