New York

New Latino Voters May Change Political Map

"Today we march, tomorrow we vote!" - the chant at the recent immigration rights rallies -- may translate into a changed electoral landscape in many states across the country.

NJ: Legislators Consider Mimicking Mass's Health Care Move

Does it take two to tangle? Two New Jersey legislators are embarking on a six-month project to evaluate whether New Jersey can copy Massachusetts' recently adopted plan. Before they start hustling around the state, they ought to take a look at whether the Massachusetts plan is even going to work in Massachusetts and also think hard about whether it should be the starting point for negotiations.

The Success of State Venture Funds

Hawaii is the latest state moving in that direction with a proposed Hawaii Innovations Fund which could grow to $200 million in government funds over four years to invest in Hawaii's renewable energy, life science and technology companies.

NY Marketplace Brings in Fair Share

OK, so it is a marketplace of ideas, not a literal one, but the Drum Major Institute's Marketplace of Ideas series is featuring Maryland State Senator Gloria Gary Lawlah, the author of Maryland's landmark Fair Share Health Care bill.

Rethinking the Ways We Vote

The 2000 election sparked an interest in electoral reform. Paired with a rising tendency among voters toward self-declared independence from the two major parties and a new wave of reforms have started growing in popularity across the country. In statehouses and in voting booths, reforms are moving forward to give Americans more real options at the polls.

Drum Major Institute Keeps Score

New York's Drum Major Institute (DMI) deserves high marks for ingenuity. They're proving that in a new way.

Recentering America

David Sirota, PLAN's Co-Chair, turns a friendly eye toward fusion voting today in his column in the San Francisco Chronicle.

NY: Ambitious "Fair Share" Bill Introduced with Bipartisan Support

New York State could take national leadership in health care reform if it approves the ambitious health care bill introduced this week based on a proposal by the New York Working Families Party. The bill would require all companies in the state with one hundred employees or more to provide health care to their employees, or pay a tax of $3 an hour per worker to cover the states expenses in caring for