FCC Workshop on National Broadband Plan: State and Local Governments - Toolkits and Best Practices

The FCC has been holding a series of workshops in an effort to collect information that will be useful in the creation of a National BroadbandPlan.  On September 1st, state and local telecommunications officialsparticipated in a workshop entitled State and Local Governments:  Toolkits and Best Practices,at which the FCC aimed to learn from the experiences of state and localgovernments that have proactively addressed broadband deployment andadoption issues in their communities.

Oregon Legislative Session Roundup

The over-riding theme of the legislative session this year was how toresolve a $4 billion budget deficit.  However, unlike many states,Oregon's legislators successfully avoided the worst cuts through fairrevenue generators and spending cuts.  They also continued to pushforward on key issues like the environment, worker's rights, andhealthcare.  On several issues, such as climate change, the governorput forward an agenda to lead the nation and in other areas strongprogressive legislators set out similarly ambitious goals.  In manyinstances compromises tempered the boldness of the final product, butin most cases some real progress was made.

State Legislative Session Roundups: Oregon, Delaware & New Hampshire