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Conservatives Continue To Push Voter Suppression In States Despite Potential $140 Million Price Tag

As voter ID legislation continues to be rammed through state legislatures across the country, conservatives are celebrating passage of these bills, intended to suppress turnout among traditionally progressive constituencies, as a victory. However, no one is actually winning – not minority, low-income, and other historically disenfranchised voters who will be disproportionately affected by the new laws, and certainly not already-squeezed state budgets forced to find millions of dollars to make these bills a reality

PA: Rendell proposes fee increases to finance road and bridge repair

The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Gov. Rendell on Monday proposed increasing dozens of motor vehicle fees and imposing a tax on oil profits to raise $1 billion to fund road and bridge repair and public transit.

PA: Gov. Rendell Wants Gas Tax Hike

HARRISBURG -- A gasoline tax increase of 3.25 cents per gallon could help the state collect some of the $472 million a year it needs for transportation projects, Gov. Ed Rendell said Monday.

That's part of his back-up plan if lawmakers won't agree to higher taxes for oil companies.

The revenue is needed to fund road improvements, bridge replacements and mass-transit projects, the governor said.