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VA: Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell to unveil plan for a bar and restaurant tax

The Washington Post:

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) will unveil a proposal Wednesday to impose a 4 percent tax on restaurants and bars as he tries to make up for $260 million the state could lose in taxes and profit if Virginia privatizes its liquor system, according to several sources familiar with the plan. 

VA: Tax collections help build $404 million surplus in Va.

The Washington Post:

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell will announce Thursday that Virginia ended the fiscal year with a surplus of about $404 million -- almost twice the previous estimate, state officials said. 

Release: State Legislators to file Amicus Brief in Support of Health Care Law in Virginia

A group of state legislators announced their intent to file an Amicus Brief in support of the federal government in the lawsuit being brought by Virginia's Attorney General to nullify the new health care law.

VA: Stimulus has meant $3 billion in direct aid for Va.

The Richard Times-Dispatch:

President Barack Obama's program to jump-start the economy with a flood of federal spending has put more than $3 billion into the pockets of Virginians who need it -- the working poor, unemployed and seniors, according to a liberal think tank.

2010 Legislative Session Roundup: Virginia

The 2010 General Assembly adjourned March 14th, one day later than scheduled, and was dominated by a single overriding issue:  unprecedented cuts to state spending and core services once thought to be untouchable.