FCC Workshop on National Broadband Plan: State and Local Governments - Toolkits and Best Practices

The FCC has been holding a series of workshops in an effort to collect information that will be useful in the creation of a National BroadbandPlan.  On September 1st, state and local telecommunications officialsparticipated in a workshop entitled State and Local Governments:  Toolkits and Best Practices,at which the FCC aimed to learn from the experiences of state and localgovernments that have proactively addressed broadband deployment andadoption issues in their communities.

Virginia 2009 Legislative Roundup

Virginia made steady gains in the environment and clean energy, actedto further clean up payday lending practices, and used federal stimulusfunds to ward off deeper cuts to vital programs like health care,education and public safety.  However, the conservative-dominated Houseblocked a measure to expand the state's unemployment benefits- which are among the most meager in the country - and cost the statean additional $125 million in federal stimulus funds to the state.