The Fight for Fair Coverage

Following Maryland's adoption of a Fair Share Health Care Act requiring that large employers adequately fund employee health care or help shoulder the burden of Medicaid costs, similar efforts are afoot across the nation and Wal-Mart, one of the primary targets of the legislation, is moving into full-court press mode attempting to find ways to convince the public that it isn't shirking its responsibilities to its employees.

WA: Conservatives Dislike Election Results, Call For Purging All Voters

Conservatives in Washington, claiming that the voter database can only be clean if started anew, are leading the charge to force all registered voters to reregister in order to vote. It could probably also be called the "Make County Clerks Cry Act." Whatever you call it, it's a bit of a crazy idea. As assistant secretary of state Steve Excell says:
"Just because we don't happen to think that every voter record is perfect we can't wholesale disenfranchise everybody," he said.

WA: Speaker Kills Fair Share Health Care

Despite the fact that a coalition of labor unions, businesses, and religious groups had come together to support a fair share health care bill modeled on Maryland's recent legislation, the bill was killed by the Speaker of House who opted instead to study the issue. The bill had the support of a majority of the House.