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Institute for Wisconsin's Future

News updates from the Institute for Wisconsin's Future. IWF's mission is to: 1) Sustain strong communities where effective public structures ensure every person and business has the opportunity to succeed and prosper. 2) Promote a revenue system for Wisconsin that generates adequate funding so that local government, school districts and state programs can maintain quality services. 3) Strengthen citizen engagement and power in public policy decision making through community education and organizing. 4) Champion state and local tax policies that are fair and progressive.

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families

An initiative of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families

Spotlight Shines on ALEC's Anti-Middle Class Agenda - and its Cost to States

As the middle class remains under sustained attack in state legislatures, media attention is increasingly turning to the corporate interests orchestrating a national spread of industry-written bills seeking to weaken state economies, strip workers of their rights, suppress voter turnout, and capitalize on the politics of division and fear – all in pursuit of private profit. In a spate of recent reports, specific scrutiny is being focused on the role of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in allowing corporations access to influence state laws that benefit their bottom lines at the expense of the economic security of families.

Conservatives Continue To Push Voter Suppression In States Despite Potential $140 Million Price Tag

As voter ID legislation continues to be rammed through state legislatures across the country, conservatives are celebrating passage of these bills, intended to suppress turnout among traditionally progressive constituencies, as a victory. However, no one is actually winning – not minority, low-income, and other historically disenfranchised voters who will be disproportionately affected by the new laws, and certainly not already-squeezed state budgets forced to find millions of dollars to make these bills a reality