Municipal Broadband Attacked in North Carolina

With the US lagging behind most of the developed world with less Internet access and slower speed connections, it's somewhat outrageous that any state government would block communities from extending broadband access to their citizens-- but North Carolina is now debating HB 1587, which is being promoted by the North Carolina Cable Telecommunications Association to stop local communities from owning and subsidizing access to community-run telecommunications systems.

Iowa Enacts Election Day Registration - EDR Moving Nationwide

On April 3rd, Iowa Governor Chet Culver signed into law HF 653, which provides Iowans with the opportunity to register and vote on Election Day. Governor Culver stated,

Here in Iowa , we want to make it as easy as possible for Iowans to be involved in the democratic process. This bill achieves this goal. I strongly believe getting more people to vote is good for democracy and good for the future of this state.

The Youth Vote

The Millenials are with us. America's youth -- the biggest generation since the Baby Boom -- are voting more frequently than Generation X and are voting far more progressively than the Reagan-raised generation that proceeded them. You have probably already heard one of the most impressive stats: young voters went for Democrats by a margin of 60%-38% according to exit polls and 2 million more turned out to the polls than in 2002 -- the last mid-term election.

Child Care: A Valuing Families Campaign Issue

In state elections across the country, how to create quality, affordable child care has become a potent campaign issue.

Western Governors Demand Action on Global Warming

The Western Governors Association on Sunday acknowledged an inconvenient truth. The bipartisan group of Governors from West Coast, Rocky Mountain, and Great Plains states came together to unanimously pass a resolution (PDF) that says that global warming is real, at least partially human-caused, and that now is a time for action.

Conservatives Fund Charter School Initiative

Jackson Hole Star-Tribune By BRODIE FARQUHAR Published May 18, 2006
Funding for the planning phase and outreach efforts in support of a proposed charter school here came from politically conservative organizations that support vouchers and charter schools. The founders of the proposed Wind River Community School, however, don't appear to fit the profile of the national charter school movement. "We do not support vouchers," said Rachael Price, presid

Wyoming: A Case Study in ALEC

Wyoming faces an ongoing saga of attemps by ALEC to steer legislation
while pretending that all of their actions are homegrown. Local
businessman Brett Glass became dismayed when a telecom "deregulation"
bill was introduced that would destroy his business but would be a
major help to Qwest.

Just Who's Writing Wyoming's Laws?

Casper Star-Tribune Editorial March 17, 2006
As national “Sunshine Week” winds down, we thought we’d squeeze in one more commentary on what elected officials do behind your back. If you think Wyoming’s “citizen legislature” is strictly a homegrown outfit, writing Wyoming laws in response to Wyoming’s needs, think again.

WY: ALEC, Under Spotlight, Aims for Shadows

Wyoming faces an ongoing saga of attemps by ALEC to steer legislation while pretending that all of their actions are homegrown. Luckily Casper's Star Tribune is a little too quick to fall for that line and is calling ALEC out for its corporate-backing. As the Star Tribune makes clear, the problem with ALEC isn't its public claim to believe in a Jeffersonian line of conservatism -- limited government, federalism, and fiscal restraint.