Arkansas 2009 Legislative Roundup

Like most states, this year Arkansas faced a budget shortfall, yet there was enough money from previous surplus years to make balancing the budget much less painful than in most places.  The majority of the noted achievements relate to taxing and budgeting, though some important gains were made in other areas, principally in education and health care.  However, the majority of progressive gains were incremental.

University of Arkansas To Start Immigration Clinic

University of Arkansas To Start Immigration Clinic

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Being an illegal immigrant doesn't make someone a criminal - that's a distinction Elizabeth Young hopes to hammer home to Arkansas residents.

"It's not a crime to be here undocumented," Young says. "It's a civil issue."

Ballot Initiatives 2008

This Dispatch is a roundup of what ballot initiatives will appear on state ballots across the country this November.  Whether it's workers rights, energy policy, education, transit, abortion or health care, ballot initiates give voters a chance to directly vote on an issue.