Delaware Stands Up for Misclassified Workers

Delaware’s legislature passed the Workplace Fraud Act (HB 230), an employee misclassification bill that increases penalties for construction employers who knowingly misclassify employees as contractors in order to evade state and federal taxes and wage and hour laws, saving as much as 30% on the margins.

Delaware Legislative Session Roundup

Like most states, Delaware was plagued with budget difficulties that found legislators and Governor Markell taking drastic steps to fill the hole, including enacting a sports lottery bill that legalizes single-game betting. It becomes the only state other than Nevada to do so. Fortunately, the stimulus pumped $1.2 billion into the state coffers.

State Legislative Session Roundups: Oregon, Delaware & New Hampshire

Colorado and Indiana Legislatures Pass Internet Voter Registration Bills

In the final week of their legislative sessions, the Colorado and Indiana legislatures gave final approval to bills allowing residents to register to vote online.  Colorado Senators passed HB 1160 and Indiana House Members passed HB 1346; both bills allow residents with driver's licenses or state-issued ID cards to register to vote online.  The legislation has been sent to the governor in both states.  In Colorado the governor is expected to sign the bill, while Indiana's governor has not indicated support or opposition.