Youth Preregistration

PSN 2013 Election Reform Roundup: Wins and Losses in the Fight for Democracy

Following last year’s devastating attacks on voters’ access to democracy, conservatives have held true to their mission to make voting harder in a number of states. Thankfully, in response to previous threats, progressive advocates and legislators came together this year to support a proactive, positive agenda for reform. As a result of coordinated campaigns, many states were successful in passing legislation that protects the right of eligible citizens to register and vote.

Democracy NC's overview of NC's youth pre-registration bill

NC passed HB 1230, a youth pre-registration bill, in 2009. This overview takes a comprehensive look at the benefits to civics education and involvement and explains how the new law will be implemented.

FairVote - "Voter Pre-Registration at Age Sixteen and Seventeen"

This FairVote fact sheet makes the case for a uniform voter pre-registration age at 16 or 17.

Enfranchising American Youth

In this paper, Project Vote reviews the voter registration and voting rates of 18- to 29-year-old citizens in recent elections and examines existing laws that hinder or facilitate participaiton by young, non-college attending voters.

Expanding the Youth Electorate through Preregistration

This legislative brief from Project Vote discusses the underrepresentation of youth - particularly youth of color - in the general electorate, and how the growing trend of preregistration helps to address this problem.  It concludes with recommendations for implementing preregistration policies.

Best Practices for Implementing Effective High School Voter Registration Programs

After surveying state officials and education administrators, Project Vote analyzed the data and identified best practices, solutions to problems encountered in various jurisdictions, and the effectiveness of high school voter registration programs across the U.S.

Voting System Scorecard: Are states serving the rising electorate?

This detailed 50-state scorecard from Rock The Vote ranks evaluated state voting laws with an on a 21-point scale that aims to assess how well states are serving young voters in three categories: voter registration, ease of casting a ballot, and encouraging young voter participation.