Election Reform

US: Follwing Citizen's United Ruling, 10 States Add Campaign Finance Laws

WASHINGTON — Ten states have swiftly passed new laws requiring additional disclosure of political spending, following a Supreme Court ruling that lets corporations and unions pump unlimited amounts of money into certain campaign commercials.

The push in states comes as a high-profile effort in Congress to blunt the court's January ruling has stalled in the Senate amid strong opposition by Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Senate inaction has cast doubts that any new federal disclosure rule

Clean and Fair Elections: Policy Options for 2011

This policy guide presents a series of election and governance reforms that are essential to both invigorating our democracy and achieving other progressive goals, including: Reducing the Influence of Money on our Democracy, Growing the Electorate, Making Every Vote Count and Resisting Vote Suppression by the Right-Wing

National Popular Vote Victory in Massachusetts

National Popular Vote Victory in Massachusetts Adds Momentum to Changing Presidential Vote System

Last week, the Massachusetts Senate passed National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation by a 28-10 vote, a little more than a month after the state’s House of Representatives approved NPV by an overwhelmingly bipartisan majority.

MA: Winner-take-all bill is OK'd by state Senate

The MA state Senate approves a bill that would give all 12 of the state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote.

Delaware Becomes 2nd State to End Prison-Based Gerrymandering

Last week, Delaware became the second state in the country to pass legislation that would adjust US Census data to count incarcerated people as residents of their home addresses for redistricting purposes.  It is currently waiting for Gov. Jack Markell’s signature.

Indiana Supreme Court Upholds Restrictive Voter ID Law

In a disappointing turn of events, Indiana’s Supreme Court ruled 4-1 in favor of the state’s voter ID law, overturning last year’s decision by the Indiana Court of Appeals that deemed voter ID requirements unconstitutional partly because it treated those casting absentee ballots differently from those at voting booths.  But in the end, the Indiana Supreme Court majority opinion stated, “It is within the power of the legislature to require voters to identify themselves at the polls using a photo ID.”

MN: Corporate cash ready to roll into Minnesota elections

Star Tribune: A new political organization, backed by two of the state's most powerful business interests and led by one of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's top deputies, could result in a powerful wave of corporate cash in this year's state elections.

National Popular Vote Approved in Chambers in New York and Massachusetts

On June 7, the New York Senate passed S2286A, the National Popular Vote (NPV) bill, with over two-thirds of both political parties supporting the bill in a 52-7 roll call.  Although it has received bipartisan support ever since it was first introduced in 2006, the overwhelmingly bipartisan support it received during Monday's vote was unprecedented.  Twenty-two of the Chamber's 30 Republicans voted for the bill, not far off from the 79% overall support in New York for a national popular vote for President.